Denys Rayner

At a meeting of the Lighthouse Trustee Board on October 8th 2018 the Trustees took a significant decision and agreed to disperse the various projects that it oversees with a view to closure of the charity, as the cost of management was becoming disproportionate to the funds generated. Foodbank has continued to grow however and provide a wide range of services to its clientele and has accounted for over 50% of both cost and donations. This with the benefit of the Lighthouse Hub has enabled the project to attract significant support and therefore the Trustees agreed that this should be set up as a standalone charity. Subsequently new Trustees have been recruited and the project has now become Weston Foodbank charity as from the 1st April 2018.

The King’s Table project which continued to thrive has now commenced operations at Victoria Methodist church and funds were provided to enable it to reopen in October 2017. All restricted funds allocated to the project were part of the transfer and Lighthouse also covered the cost of set up and delivery until 31st December 2017 to allow the Victoria Methodist church time to fund raise and develop a long term sustainable strategy.

The Parentwise project continued to operate at Locking Castle church and a new location at Christchurch also became operational during the year. These two churches have agreed to support the project going forward and Lighthouse has gratefully passed the responsibility for the management to those churches.

The other projects, Vision4Skills, Lighthouse Choir and Conversational English have continued to operate under the stewardship of St. Paul’s church following agreement from the PCC to undertake line management and responsibility. All projects have continued to thrive and all restricted funds were transferred to each project as from the 1st October 2017.

All regular supporters have been contacted to inform them of the decision of the Trustees to cease operating as a charity and any remaining funds held by Lighthouse will be distributed to its former projects on a proportional basis on final cessation of the charity which is anticipated to be by the end of January 2019.

Whilst this has been a sad and difficult decision, the Trustees are glad that all projects continue to thrive and that funds donated can go directly to them. The Trustees wish to express their gratitude to all supporters and volunteers who have enabled Lighthouse at Weston to grow the activities that have improved the wellbeing of so many within Weston-super-Mare.

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